New ambassador for ulta3 - Elyse Knowles 



Award-winning colour cosmetics brand, ulta3, is excited to announce Elyse Knowles, as its new Brand Ambassador!

The Australian-born beauty boasts an impressive talent and passion for outdoor sports including skateboarding, wakeboarding, surfing and snowboarding. It’s not the enduring star’s first major campaign either – Elyse Knowles was the face of Billabong in 2014, 2015 Rolex Formula One Grand Prix Ambassador and 2015 Spring Racing Carnival Ambassador. More recently, Elyse has added ‘accomplished fashion designer’ to her portfolio, this year launching her versatile clothing range, ‘Evrryday’.

ulta3 Brand Manager, Samantha Franklin, says: ”We are so excited to welcome Elyse Knowles as the Brand Ambassador for ulta3. Elyse is known for her confident, positive and energetic spirit – an attitude that resonates with most Aussies. She reflects our brand values and represents ulta3 women who are fashionable, fun and full of life.”

ulta3 is launching their Summer Goddess collection at the end of January 2016, at the height of Australian summer. Capturing the essence of what’s trending in beauty this summer, the collection contains ulta3’s favourite colours of lip and nail, as well as a limited edition body glow oil. Elyse will have a starring role in ulta3’s summer campaign, “BODY BY ELYSE – GLOW BY ULTA3”, which in its first official photo, her golden locks are beach-tousled to complement her bronzed, glowing complexion and bright, bold nail colour. 

While ulta3’s nail segment is undoubtedly the brand’s largest – with over 107 shades and counting – ulta3’s complete cosmetics offering includes over 50 shades of lipsticks, lip, eye and brow pencils, pressed powders, foundations and bronzer, allowing women to update their look easily and affordably. “ulta3 has something for all occasions, whether you’re going out with the girls, hitting the beach or just chillin at home”, says Knowles. “ulta3 isn’t just about cosmetics – it’s about promoting a happy, fun, adventurous lifestyle – which is why I love it!”.

ulta3 has already sold over 20 million units and in 2015, an ulta3 product has sold every 27 seconds.

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